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School Song
C.C.Elks forever, we'll firm together stand.
Comrades true and faithful, steadily we'll face the world
And fight, fight.
And through the days that follow we'll pledge
Our loyalty, to the C.C. Elks with all our might
We'll fight, fight, fight.
Annual Culture and Language Festival at WBU
Annual Culture and Language Festival at WBU
Twenty one students competed on Friday, October 12, 2018 at Wayland Baptist University’s Annual Culture and Language Festival and won 3rd place out of 6 schools bringing home several awards as well. Ryan Walden, Megyn Shadden, Vanessa Flores, Lexi Teaff, Tye Cervantez, Jolisa Plasencia, Nisa Lomelí, Israel Ramírez, Delaney Nichols, and Lara Russell entered art pieces in various categories including: 2D Art, 3D Art, and Piñatas. Kenzi Knippa and Kayci Carthel wrote and recited original poems. Dakota Ceniceros, Jenna Stambaugh, Briseida Contreras, DJ Martinez, Aaliyah Flores, Christina Safford, and John Hale recited poetry in English. Annie Metzler and Adamaris Contreras competed in the Spanish poetry recitation as well as the Spanish extemporaneous speaking events. Tye Cervantez and Lara Russell topped it off by singing in the talent show competition.
Vanessa received 3rd place for one of her art pieces and John Hale received 1st in poetry recitation.
CC FFA 2018 District Level Leadership Development Events
CC FFA 2018 District Level Leadership Development Events
Junior Quiz: Kenzi, Anne Marie, and Jenna - 3rd Place
Senior Quiz: Tye, Lara, Christina, and Megyn - 8th Place

Greenhand Creed: Annie - 3rd Place, Jeb - 11th Place
Senior Creed: Kayci - 5th Place, Megyn - 11th Place

Job Interview: Seth- 5th Place, Ryan - 10th Place

Radio Broadcasting: Darcie, Brandy, and Delaney - 3rd Place

Agricultural Advocacy: Delaney, Kayci, Darcie - 4th Place

Greenhand Opening Ceremonies: Sterling, Daniel, Livia, Elizabeth, Nick, Bronson and Zeke - 3rd Place